Welcome to the Library and ICT blog!

Welcome everyone!

I have been inspired to create a new Library and ICT blog to let everyone know what’s been happening in the VIC Centre this year.

During the first few weeks of ICT lessons this term, students in Year Three, Four, Five and Six have been learning all about blogs and how to comment sensibly on them, so it seems only fitting that I create a blog dedicated to Library and ICT!  This  allows the students and school community an opportunity to interact on this space at school and at home.  I look forward to reading your comments and contributions to this blog.  I will endeavour to update the blog regularly with exciting news and activities we have been completing in class.

Here is a link to the Leopold PS blog site which has great tips on how to comment sensibly on a blog.


Miss Jemma


    • jritchie3

      Hi Miss A,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to look at the new Library and ICT blog. It is fantastic to see you taking the time to comment.

      Miss Jemma

  1. Hamish

    title=”Thanks for the new blog”>
    Hi miss Jemma,
    I love the new blog because its ICT which is my favourite subject I look forward to the new posts 😉
    From Hamish

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